Socrates Sock Co. was conceptualized in Milan, Italy. Cam Carter was an American military member, working with the Italian government, when he was inspired by some declassified military technology & Milan’s remarkable fashion scene simultaneously. He enlisted the help of a few business minds, a few fashion minds, and then... Socrates was born! After a successful Kickstarter.com release, and 2000 pairs of socks later, SocSock is now available online and in stores!  

Socrates Sock Co. employs the first business-casual application of Kevlar. These socks are for people that hate having to replace socks because of toe holes, drooping fabric, or worn bottoms. Most people wear socks every day, all day, but continue to buy flimsy products. Break the cycle! Your socks should be as sophisticated as you are.

Meet Socrates. These socks are the most clever socks ever, and here’s why------------------------------->    

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